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The concrete syntax for Java introduces a large number of nonterminals for the purpose of removing the ``dangling else'' ambiguity, and also to differentiate statements for the purposes of exposition. In most of these cases no special semantics are associated with these nonterminals, and therefore there is no need to distinguish them in the tree:


Statements ::= StatementsOpt ConstructorStatements .

Statement ::=
  StatementWithoutTrailingSubstatement StatementNoShortIf
  IfThenStatement IfThenElseStatement IfThenElseStatementNoShortIf
  BreakStatement ContinueStatement
  TryStatement .

ExpressionStatement ::=
  ExplicitConstructorInvocation .

LabeledStatement ::= LabeledStatementNoShortIf .
WhileStatement   ::= WhileStatementNoShortIf .
ForStatement     ::= ForStatementNoShortIf .
This macro is invoked in definition 22.