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Integral types

Java defines some operators only for integral types. Note that the shift operators do not demand that both operands be of the same type.

Primitive types[5]:
SET integralType  = [byteType, shortType, intType, longType, charType];
SET integrl2Type  = integralType;

  lshiftOp, rshiftOp, urshiftOp(integralType,integrl2Type):integralType;
  andOp, orOp, exorOp(integralType,integralType):integralType;

  llInd:    lshiftOp;
  ggInd:    rshiftOp;
  gggInd:   urshiftOp;
  tildeInd: complOp;
  ampInd:   andOp;
  barInd:   orOp;
  upInd:    exorOp;

  (byteType): charType;
  (byteType): shortType;
  (shortType): intType;
  (intType): longType;
  (charType): intType;
This macro is defined in definitions 5, 6, 7, and 8.
This macro is invoked in definition 4.