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Primitive types

Tests for equality are available for all primitive types, and also for string types. Also, a value of any primitive type can be concatenated with a string to yield a string.

Primitive types[8]:
SET primitiveType = [boolType] + numericType;

  cmpeqOp, cmpneOp(primitiveType,primitiveType): boolType;
  prmCondOp(primitiveType,primitiveType): primitiveType;
  prmstrOp(primitiveType,stringType): stringType;
  strprmOp(stringType,primitiveType): stringType;

  eqlInd:  cmpeqOp;
  neqInd:  cmpneOp;
  plusInd: strprmOp, prmstrOp;
  conditionalInd: prmCondOp;
  equalInd: prmCondOp;
This macro is defined in definitions 5, 6, 7, and 8.
This macro is invoked in definition 4.