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FunnelWeb is a literate programming system. It allows the construction of specifications containing both documentation and code fragments. In Eli these specifications have `.fw' or `.fwi' file types.

A FunnelWeb specification can contain documentation and fragments of code written in other Eli specification languages. Eli will process a FunnelWeb specification as if it was a collection of specifications; just those specifications that it describes. Also, it is possible to generate a documentation file from a FunnelWeb specification. This documentation comprises the literate version of the specifications.

This document is a reference manual for the contents of FunnelWeb specifications emphasizing the use of FunnelWeb in Eli.

The complete FunnelWeb distribution is available via anonymous ftp from "" in the directory "clients/ross/funnelweb". The Version 3.0 of the original FunnelWeb Users-Manual can also be found in the Eli-Distribution in directory Eli/pkg/fw.