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Tutorial on Name Analysis

This tutorial introduces to the solution of the name analysis task in language implementation. It demonstrates many aspects of that task which occur in programming languages or special purpose languages. They are developed from basic ones, such as nested scopes, up to more complex ones, such as classes with multiple inheritance.

This tutorial may be used as a practical introduction to the specification techniques for name analysis, or as a source of examples that show how to solve certain problems, or as a source of hints for language design.

This file is an executable specification. An analyzer for a small artificial language can be generated from it. The language is kept small by restricting it to those constructs necessary to demonstrate the name analysis task, not regarding its usability for programming. Its notation is inspired by Pascal, although the name analysis rules are not taken from Pascal. The generated analyzer produces output that reports the result of name analysis, i. e. the binding of identifier occurrences.

The explanations in this tutorial assume that the reader is familiar with the use of the Eli system, with the use of its module library, and knows the general description of the name analysis task in the documentation of the module library, see Name Analysis of Specification Module Library: Name-Analysis.

This tutorial is available in three variants that differ in the basic underlying scope rules, C-like or Algol-like. The third variant is based on C-like scope rules; its computations are executed while the input is read. The specifications differ only in which library modules being used, and, in a few places, where they are applied. This variant of the tutorial shows the Algol-like scope rules.