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SHOW - Displays the internal representation of a LIDO grammar.

The LIGA module "show" translates internal representations of LIDO text into readable text. The text contains information about the symbols, attributes, computations and visit-sequences of the LIDO text. This information helps the user to learn what is LIGA's view of the given LIDO text, especially for tracing errors.

The show module can be applied to the output (*_idl) of any LIGA phase. In Eli it is activated by the derivations

:showFe:viewlist, :showMe:viewlist
These requests start a shell in a directory, containing three generated files:
contains a `TERM' and a `NONTERM' specification mentioning all grammar symbols of the AG.

It helps to find symbols which are not intended to be terminals.
contains the attribute specifications for each symbol. Type and class are given for each attribute, additionally its visit number, the storage decision, and the origin of the attribute - if that information exists.

This information is helpful to get an overview about the attributes and their properties, and to find attributes which have a misspelled name.
contains the visit-sequence for each production. It is just the set of operations if the input to show was not processed by order.
Both files `' & `' are LIDO text which might be added to a LIDO file.

All source code references contained in the files have the form (Fi:line:col) where Fi is a reference to the original source file name listed in the header of the file.